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Community Resources

Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church, through God's love, is committed to providing guidance and direction to its  members and community. MPBC steps forward to be a conduit for helping our senior citizens and adult learners connect to community resources for Health and Wellness, Internet Learning Resources, Internet Scams and others. We seek to empower our younger generation to pursue excellence in Christ through education, training and service to God, family and community. 

Seniors Guide to Cancer - Mesothelioma

Mesothelioma is a rare and aggressive cancer that is caused by exposure to asbestos. It can take decades for symptoms to appear, so seniors are at the highest risk of developing this disease. As average life expectancies increase, older adults are learning more about the cancers and other health risks that might affect them.


Links to the guides below include wellness tips, prevention, treatment options, diagnosis, and financial assistance information.

Choice Connections - Life Style Options for Senior Living

Choice Connections is a senior housing referral service for those seeking assistance. Whether you are looking for Assisted Living, Residential Care, Independent Living, Nursing Home, or Memory Care, the search to find the “perfect fit” residence is simple with Choice Connections of Virginia. They will help you explore and understand the most appropriate care and funding options. This link connects to experienced advisors who have relationships with Virginia Senior Living Communities to walk you through difficult transitions.

Respite Care for Family Members Who Care for Dependent Seniors

Respite Care provides time off for family members who care for dependent seniors. Family care partners have demanding tasks and often neglect their own health and well-being. Consequently, care partners need time off to relieve stress and prevent burn-out. This link provides the contact information.

Resource Guide for Seniors About Assisted Living Options in Virginia

Finding the right set of living circumstances and appropriate care is essential for older adults to thrive. Assisted living facilities can provide the necessary support for those who need assistance with daily activities. This resource guide provides an overview of assisted living options in Virginia.

Resource Guide for Students With Substance Abuse Issues

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration, nearly 60% of college students use drugs and alcohol. This guide will help students and parents learn about which substances pose the greater risk, the consequences of continuous usage and steps to overcome addiction.

Grants for Seniors - A Guide for Seniors and Retirees

The resource link below provides information for senior's who need assistance in areas such as financial, health care, housing assistance, food, clothing and transportation assistance, and more.

Relocation Resource for Seniors

This new resource provides information for seniors and their caregivers on the best senior moving companies, including their services, features, service coverage, and how to avoid scams.

Employment Resources for Christian Job Seekers

Our ministry has a vested interest in nurturing, tutoring and providing informational resources for our younger generation who may be seeking employment in a company with Strong Christian values. Access to employment resources for Christian job seekers and instructional information for resume preparation is listed below:  


Companies with Strong Christian Values

Resume Builder

How to keep Elderly Loved Ones Safe from Internet [Online Scams] 

Research reveals that our senior population can easily be mislead by online internet scams. This link provides information that is essential for guarding against online internet scams.

You can see it here: 

Essential Internet Learning Resources for Adults

Angela Schmidt, Outreach Specialist at BroadBandSearch, provided MPBC with the following information about Essential Internet Learning Resources for Adults. One of the resources that we all can use is the broadband search for internet services. By clicking the link below you may compare service providers and costs.

BroadBand Search

Online Resources

The article begins by explaining why there has been an uptick in online learning for children. It also emphasizes that we should not forget adult learners and workers and their needs and interests. The article presents 16 of the top resources for review!


As you browse through each resource, think about what are the best options for you and where should you start online if you want or need to learn. Check out the online resource links below:

Health and Wellness

The following information for Nursing Home Abuse and Senior Care Living Facilities is listed in the Health Resources Guide, Nursing Home Abuse Guide and Senior Living Care Living Facilities links below:

Health Resources Guide
Guide to Medicare Eligibility, Coverage and Plans
Medicaid: How to Qualify and Apply for Medicaid
Health Insurance When You are Unemployed

Nursing Home Abuse Guide

Everything you need to know about nursing home abuse.

Senior Care Living Facilities

The 10 best assisted living Facilities in Hampton, VA.  

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